Installation and Configuration VoIP with Asterisk on Debian and CentOS

In this video we describe about how to install and configure asterisk on Debian 8 and CentOS 7.

In a nutshell, steps that we have to do is like so:


The Difficult Choice

The smartphone that I’m using right now is kinda ridiculous. It has ‘3 choose 2 hybrid slot’, which means it has actually 2 slots for SIM card, and 1 slot for Micro SD. But, we have to choose whether using 2 slots for SIM Card and sacrifice the Micro SD slot, OR using only 1 SIM Card, and we can use the Micro SD slot. For me, that’s the difficult choice.

Can’t Talk, Read Only

How many years we learn English in school? And why we still don’t know how to speak in that language fluently? 

Maybe -just maybe, the answer is because we never use it everyday, or we rarely use it in our daily life.

I read articles on Medium, tutorials, API documentations, ebooks or watch some TED videos almost everyday in my spare time. All of them written (and spoken) in English. And sometimes I use English subtitle when watching pirated holywood movies. 

I don’t mean to be proud. Yet, I just want to show that these activities are not enough for increase our English proficiency.

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